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1987 Year Group

The 1987 Year Group Reps: Richard Wolffe and Trevor Addenbrooke


Richard Wolffe  Dr Trevor Addenbrooke

Message from your Year Group Reps

You may not have realised this yet, but this year marks 30 years since we left KES.  To acknowledge this historic occasion the school is organising a reunion for all those who left in 1987. We have agreed to act as 'year reps' for our year to help encourage everyone along and think this will be a great chance for all of us to catch up after all these years.

The reunion itself will be an informal drinks reception and dinner in the dining hall and will take place on Saturday 24th June.  

Finally the school has lost touch with the people listed below from our year.  If you have any contact details or information, please let us know so we can invite them along too.

We hope to see you in June!

Best wishes

Richard Wolffe & Trevor Addenbrooke

Lost OEs from 1987

Udayan Agarwal

Gerard S Dovey

R L Ingram

A B Rees

Neil J Bates

Paul J Edwards

P A Kramer

A P Roberts

Andrew D Beasley

Oliver J Fincher

Andy E Latham

Andrew G Saunders

Matthew J Bourne

Robert G Fox

M J Law

Adam D Shaw

Jonathan R Brake

Dave P Foxall

Jim R Lynn

Peter W Stirling

Christopher G Brown

J L Gibbons

J E Martin

R B Thorpe

Euan J Carlile

K M Greenbank

J D Moxley

N J Tromans

Andrew R Chambers

J Griffin

Neil J Moxley

A D Waldron

J H Courier

J K Hankin

Salim Nasser

Mark J Western

I D Crew

Colin S Hay

K G Pillage

Adam A Wilkinson

Nick G Degg

Matt J Hills

Michael Prais

Dominic E Worsley

D D Derry