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Biennial Dinner 2010

This year's 39th Biennial Dinner took place on Saturday, 18 September 2010 and marked the 250th anniversary of the first Old Edwardian dinner. The Biennial Dinner, as the name suggests, takes place every two years. 

This year's guest speaker was Niels de Vos (1985), Chief Executive of UK Athletics. Niels was the Commercial Director of the 2002 Commonwealth Games before becoming Chief Executive of Sale Sharks. In 2007 he became the Chief Executive of UK Athletics. Niels is also an Executive Board Member of the British Olympic Association.

Photographs taken throughout the evening are available here.


OEs who attended the event are:

Roger F Naylor (Frederick) 1931
Russell W Evans MC 1939
Michael J Roper-Hall 1939
Alan S Blower 1940
Anthony Williams 1941
John F Collins OBE 1942
Brian G Creed 1942
Robert L Edwards (Bob) 1942
Robert D Anchor 1943
Brian Bailey 1943
Dr Walter F Pover OBE 1943
Gordon C Britton 1945
Dr John S Botterill 1946
Alan J Jacombs 1946
David J Sells 1946
Jeff M Dolphin 1947
Gerald L Grant (Ginger) 1947
Barrie M Cooper 1948
Ronald W Heath 1948
Percy W Stone (Bill) 1948
Robert F Griffiths (Bob) 1949
Dr Michael H Jepson 1949
Gerald L Richards 1949
Michael A Spittle 1949
Bruce W Tanner 1949
Dr Peter J Chaudoir 1950
Chris J Latham 1950
Geoff W Peters 1950
Albert R Westwood Ph.D. 1950
Owen Wheatley 1950
Charles M Edwards (Michael) 1951
Philip A Gough (Tony) 1951
John A Harvey 1951
David B Hill 1951
Keith R Mansell 1951
George A Taplin 1951
Graham J Tayar 1951
Prof Richard A Tomlinson 1951
William G Hetherington 1952
Dr Nanju Sankarayya (Bob) 1952
Derek H Benson 1953
Alan F Richards 1953
Peter J Turner 1953
Oswald S Wheatley CBE (Ossie) 1953
Peter M Allsop 1955
Alan R Birch 1955
Barrie C Gane CMG OBE 1955
John F Slaney 1955
Keith W Masters 1956
Michael J Day 1957
David G Harrison 1957
David B Ward 1957
Christopher R Edmonds (Bob) 1958
Brian A Patterson 1958
John M Tagg (Mike) 1958
Colin J Wood 1959
Rod Pinner 1960
Timothy D Austin (Tim) 1961
Christopher Jordan 1961
N R Tindale 1961
Andrew R Packham (Andy) 1962
Mike C Allport 1963
Steve B Cole 1963
D Crigman QC 1963
John L Forster 1963
Peter G Harborne 1963
John C Warner 1963
Frank V Booth 1965
Edward B Picken 1965
Hugh De Lacy 1967
Anthony B Hopkins 1967
Roger A Otto 1967
Dr Martyn H Thomas 1969
Michael D Baxter (Mike) 1970
Nick A Carter 1970
Richard S Gale 1970
Neil Gilmore 1970
Ross W Hayes 1970
Malcolm A Hunt 1970
Simon M Hollingworth 1971
Rev Dr Paul A Beetham 1972
The Honorable Judge Nicholas O Cooke QC 1973
Andrew C Lewis 1973
Andrew G Baxter 1974
John A Claughton 1975
David S Cummings 1975
Chanchal Chakraborty 1976
Andrew P Hudson 1976
Martin J Lawrence 1976
Stuart Southall 1976
Stephen G Campbell 1978
Mark J Roberts 1978
Dr Andrew M Tobias 1978
Dr Mark J Arends 1979
Timothy P Bailey (Tim) 1979
Trevor K Bayley 1979
James P Martin 1979
Peter C Bateman 1980
David A Slaney 1980
Niels E de Vos 1985
Paul M Hill 1986
Christian W Hughes 1986
Anthony S King (Tony) 1986
Martin A Palmer 1986
Jason P Coates 1989
Anthony R Evans (Tony) 1989
Andrew Harrop 1989
Barney J Hassell 1989
Paddy W Howarth 1989
Stephen D Ridgway 1989
Adam J Kendall 1990
Andrew T Crocker 1991
John R Evans 1991
Dave J McMullan 1991
Alexander T Rennie 1991
Philip J Twiss (Phil) 1991
Andrew C Bennett 1993
Julian Roberts 1993
David A Stevens 1993
Richard M Stockton 1993
Stephen J Stretton 1997
James S Birch 1998
Dr Richard P Harris 2001
Martin P Hudecek 2001
Joseph E Millington 2001
Pavittar P Bansel 2002
Simon F Purkis 2002
Thomas P Reynard 2002
Parvinder S Choudhary 2004
Michael Gardiner 2004
Harry Hecht 2004
Jonathan Hick (Jonny) 2004
Shalin Punn 2004
Tom Smith 2004
Joe D Speight 2004
Rikhi Ubhi 2004
Alex Vakil 2004
Magdi F Adab 2005
Elliot Weaver 2006
Andrew J Halton 2009
Tim P Kiely 2009
Zander Weaver 2009
George P Hims 2010
Alexander J McPherson (Alex) 2010
Lawrence M Pardoe 2010
Samuel W Peat 2010
Andrew D Philpot 2010
Mrs Pauline Asher  
James Cull  
John R Emery  
Ian P Landreth  
Carol M Southworth  
Robert Tibbott  
John Tsopanis  

Sue Dickens, Simon Lerwill, Stuart Birch and Lucy Parrott, who all work in the Development & OEA Office, attended the event.  Phil Lambie and Colin Howard were also in attendance.