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Launch of Assisted Places Fund

The School's new Assisted Places Fund will be launching this July.  The Fund will allow donors to make single or regular gifts which collectively will fund additional places for bright boys who would otherwise be unable to come to King Edward's. 

Our aim for the first year is to raise a regular income that will fund seven additional places for boys starting in September 2011. This is an ambitious target but we believe that, by giving together, Old Edwardians can help us achieve it.  Our long-term aim is to double the number of assisted places that are available so that 300 boys (40% of pupils) are provided with financial support through the school. 

This July we will be writing to all Old Edwardians to tell them about the new Assisted Places Fund and information will be made available on the new King Edward's School Birmingham Trust website (coming soon). A team of student callers will also be contacting a large number of Old Edwardians to discuss the fund. Click here to find out why some of our students have decided to get involved.

In the meantime, if you would like to know more or if you are interested in funding a boy yourself then please get in touch with Simon Lerwill, Development Director, on 0121 415 6055 or