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1956-57 reunion (20 May 2009)


You can view photos from this event here.

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Alan Pearson is an Old Edwardian living in Canada and it was his trip to the UK that inspired this informal get-together of the 1956 and 1957 year groups. The day started with a proper School lunch in the School Dining Hall complete with School pudding! The group then visited the Foundation Offices to see some of the KES archive material, including the original architect drawings of the New Street School by Charles Barry. The group were then led on a tour of the School by Derek Benson, an old boy of the same era and a teacher for more than 35 years. The tour included a visit to the School chapel, gyms and, of course, Big School although the tour here was reduced to more of a glimpse as there were school examinations taking place. Finally the old boys arrived in the Chief Master's study for some well earned tea and cakes. After a short speech by John Claughton they dispersed back up the drive full of renewed friendships and memories.