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Access careers support

The OE Careers Network allows current pupils and Old Edwardians to access careers advice and support from hundreds of Old Edwardians who have agreed to offer it. There are 4 steps involved in accessing support. Please note that you may only request to contact a maximum of 3 individuals.

Step one - choose your support

Decide what careers advice / support you are looking for. Choose from careers mentoring, short work placements, longer internships, business start up advice or university mentoring.

Step two - find an OE

Search the relevant list for OEs who are offering this advice or support.

Step three - complete the form

Complete the 'access careers support form' with your details and the details of the OE you would like to contact.

Step four - contact the OE

Within a few days, we will be in touch with the contact details of the OE (unless they are overscribed) so you can contact them.

Please also ensure you have read the Terms and Conditions.