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Everyone has a story to tell about their time at KES. Below are a few of the best anonymous anecdotes that we have received. If you have any anecdotes you would like to tell us please send them to us by clicking here.

  • Launching a glider over South Field
  • Riding into KES on a lowloader with a Jazz band on it
  • Spending night in the Cartland Room with a girl from KEHS
  • Stealing another boys clothes during a teachers v boys cricket match
  • The entire rugby team walking into Big School dressed only in their Jock Straps
  • Drinking with Enoch Powell in the Gunbarrels
  • Winning a cat in a shooting competition
  • Firing only yards from the amunition hut
  • Collecting souvenires whilst playing in the 1st XV - these included two toilets and the 1st XV Rugby Captain from Uppingham
  • Mr Philips telling me to set a good example to younger students around winterbourne by not pulling my girlfriend. He had visitors as well who he was showing around the school. Sensational.