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Back to School Day 2019

The bell's ringing, isn't it time you went to lessons?

For the first time, we are offering Old Edwardians the opportunity to once again become students at KES for the day!

For the first time we have taken the reunion idea re-structured it and are offering Old Edwardians the opportunity to once again become a student at KES for the day. You will be assigned a form and form teacher for registration and experience a selection of lessons from History to Science, but no homework we promise! You will able to re-kindle the excitement and "noise" of break and lunch time in the dining hall with the boys followed by Friday afternoon games. Full lesson details and teachers will be on your personal timetable, and you will need to bring sports gear with you in your school bag.

This is a great opportunity to come and remind yourself how much you enjoyed school days and have fun with fellow OE's

Places are limited so please book early


Date: Friday, 21 June 2019

Time: 9am - 3pm

Location: King Edward's School

Cost: £10.00

Book now

Firstname Surname Year Group 
Gerald Grant 1947
Alf Manders 1954
Andrew Hornig 1957
Geoff Purkis 1958
Roger Bullock 1961
John Eden 1961
Paul Bowes 1965
Edwin Segall 1965
Simon Horsman 1966
Andy Stoker 1972
Peter Dean 1974
Andrew Tobias 1978
Gavin Grant 1983
Phil Henrick 1987
Simon Straker 1987
Jonathan Bennett 1992
Angus Menzies 1993
Ali Hamaad 1994
Steve McCrory 1996
Stuart Howard 1997
Stephen Stretton 1997
Mark Whitehouse 1997
Sanjay Rupal 1999
Lee Bushell 2000
Richard Kay 2000
Ceri Haddon 2003
Imran Mian 2003
Tim Williams 2003
Nirad Solanki 2007