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Please use the form below for signing up for any career advice:

University mentoring Get in touch with a university mentor to find out more about a particular university or a particular course.
Careers mentoring                   Get in touch with a careers mentor to find out more about a particular career or guidance on a career that you have recently embarked on.                     
Work placements Get in touch with OEs who have offered short (one or two week) work placements.
Gap year / summer internships If you have recently left KES, then you can get in touch with OEs who are offering paid or unpaid internships for either one year or a few months.
Business start up advice If you are thinking of starting a business or you recently have, you can get in touch with OEs who are happy to offer advice.

Don't forget before you fill in this form you need to search for the name of the person(s) you want to contact. Please note you may only request to approach a maximum of three individuals in any one academic year. Click on the links on the left-hand side menu to search for OEs offering the particular careers advice you are looking for. Please ensure you have read the Terms and Conditions before submitting the form.

Access careers support form

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