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Gap Year & summer internships

What are gap year / summer internships?

Internships are paid or unpaid work experience placements in a company which normally take place for a few months, typically over the summer, or during a gap year.  Many Old Edwardians, across a range of professions, have signed up to offer internships.

Who is it useful for?

Internships are particularly useful for current or recent students who want to get some experience of a particular career either during the summer holidays (either whilst at school or at university) or on their gap year.  They may also be useful for Old Edwardians who are interested in a change of career and who want to get some experience for a few months.  Shorter (one or two week) work placements are also available.   

How does it work?

Once you have been sent the contact details of an OE who is offering an internship it is up to you to contact them and to ask for further details as to how the internship scheme works at their company.  Note that for some companies you will have to apply through their own in-house internship programme.  Please make sure you have read our terms and conditions before contacting the Old Edwardian.

How do I find an OE offering internships?

Simply search for an internship by logging into My KES, the online Old Edwardian community,and, once you have found someone you want to contact, fill in the careers advice request form.  We will then send you the contact details of the Old Edwardian.  Please be aware that, if an OE is oversubscribed, we may not be able to put you in touch with them.


Featured internship



Bryce Somerville (1975): Barrister, Cornwall Street Chambers


For anyone in their middle to late teens, trying to decide what career path to follow is very difficult. It also urgently impacts on study option choices. It is very rare that anyone in that situation has experience of the reality of the various careers that they may choose. I had parents that were definite that I should be a lawyer, and, of course, it was the easy option to follow their guidance: but what sort of lawyer and where? I was lucky to get summer holiday work experience in 2 local firms of solicitors and a local set of Chambers. The rest is history. I believe that it is incumbent upon those established in their careers to assist by offering the opportunity to experience the reality of career choices. We do at Cornwall Street Chambers.