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Jonathon Coe (OE 1979) From Birmingham to Hollywood: Billy Wilder & The Bournville Connection - Thursday 9th February 2023

On Thursday 9th February 2023, bestselling author Jonathan Coe (OE 1979) returned to KES for a conversation with Professor Philip Horne, Department of English, University College London at the Ruddock Performing Arts Centre. 

Discussing Jonathan's two most recent novels - Mr Wilder and Me (2021) and Bournville (2022) - and the link between the two, the event was an enthralling insight into the life of multi-Academy-Award-winning filmaker Billy Wilder (The Lost Weekend, The Apartment, Sunset Boulevard) and 75 years of social change in Britain, as told through the story of a family living in the Birmingham Suburb of Bournville, a few miles from where Jonathan was born.