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London Dinner 2023

Our annual Old Edwardians' London Dinner was held on Monday 13 March 2023 at the RAF Club, Piccadilly, London. We were delighted to be able to welcome guests back after a three-year break owing to the Covid pandemic.

Oliver LeeThe evening began with a drinks in the Churchill bar where guests were able to catch up with old friends and classmates, before moving onto the formal part of the evening in the Sovereigns Room.

Guests were welcomed by the Chief Master, Dr Katy Ricks, who thanked everyone for coming. Dr Ricks shared her excitement for the upcoming Masterplan and gave a brief update on its progress. Dr Ricks thanked Keith Phillips for his service to the school over the past 35 years and noted that the OEs would be seeing more of him now that his new part-time role involved alumni relations.

School Captain, Aurelio Lencioni, then gave OEs an update on some of the recent school successes both academically and outside of the classroom and noted how school has changed over the years. A highlight being the fact that the swimming pool now has a roof!

Aurelio handed over to our guest speaker, Oliver Lee OBE (OE 1991). Oliver and his family have deep roots with King Edward's. He is one of six siblings who attended King Edward's, and before them, their father and two uncles also attended. Oliver talked of his sister, Flora, who has been a member of staff at King Edward's since 2011 and how they all look fondly on their time at their respective schools. Oliver went on to speak about his time in the Royal Marines - where he held a number of significant front-line leadership roles. During his time in the Royal Marines, Oliver won the sword of honour and was also promoted to full Colonel (the youngest to do so since World War II). Oliver attributed much of his success to how King Edward's influenced and inspired him to want to be a good leader, to lead a team in the right way, and to set examples that he would expect of others. He touched on the challenges he faced when leaving the Marines to enter the corporate world, and how he overcame them. First, becoming, CEO at The Challenge and more recently, Chief Executive of Places Leisure, a 6000 plus people, non-dividend company, which aims to create active communities and healthy people. Oliver highlighted how important his education and time at King Edward's had been to him and his career, how King Edward's had made him the person he is today and how extremely grateful to the school he is for that.

The formalities ended with everyone joining in to sing the school song.

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