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Career mentoring

What is career mentoring?

Career mentoring allows current or former pupils to receive careers guidance from Old Edwardians in various careers. Around 50 OEs, across a range of professions, have signed up to offer mentoring. 

Who is it useful for?

Career mentoring is useful for current pupils who are interested in finding out more about a particular career and how they might best pursue it. It is also useful for Old Edwardians who are embarking on their career and want advice on progression. It might also be useful for Old Edwardians who are thinking of changing career direction.

How does it work?

Once you have been put in touch with a careers mentor you are free to contact them by email. We suggest that mentoring should take place virtually (i.e. by email and phone) but if you want to meet your mentor that is up to you. Please read our terms and conditions before contacting the mentor.

How do I find a career mentor?

Simply search for a mentor by logging into My KES, the online Old Edwardian community. Once you have found someone you want to contact fill in the careers advice request form and we will then get in touch with the contact details of the career mentor. Please be aware that if some mentors are oversubscribed we may not be able to put you in touch with them.



Featured career mentor

Adam Kendall (1990): Partner, Bevan Brittan LLP


An Old Edwardian (1990); trained and qualified at Wragge & Co LLP and now a Partner at Bevan Brittan LLP in Birmingham. More than happy to be contacted to assist/mentor those who are possibly considering law (choice of degree; where to study; getting vacation placements/training contracts etc) or who are already in law (career progression; lateral moves).