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OE gets inside view for KES film

01 July 2009

An Old Edwardian returned to KES this year to produce a new promotional DVD for the School.  Elliot Weaver (2006) spent several months filming School life and interviewing some of the staff and pupils.  Fittingly it was at KES that Elliot, who is a freelance cameraman, started making films .  "I made little videos for school projects and decided not to go to university and get a media degree but to go straight into television and music".  The Chief Master, John Claughton, thinks having an Old Edwardian making the film made a real difference.  "Elliot has produced something that no outsider could have done.  He has been able to film every aspect of School life and his love of the school shines through in everything he has done."  Elliot was helped in the venture by his brother, Zander, who left King Edward's this year.  Old Edwardians can view the film for themselves by clicking the link below. It is available in the full 17-minute or shorter 2-minute version and can be downloaded from the website.