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The new Assisted Places Fund has launched

08 July 2010

The Development & OEA Office has now launched its new Assisted Places Fund, which has been set up to ensure that any bright boy can consider coming to King Edward's, whatever the financial situation of his family.

Currently only 20% of pupils have an Assisted Place but there are many more who apply each year and pass the entrance exam who require support.  Our long-term aim is to double the funding of Assisted Places so that 40% of the school's pupils are provided with financial support.  We hope that, over time, Old Edwardians will help us meet this target either by directly funding boys or by making regular or single gifts which will collectively fund additional places.

The King Edward's School Birmingham Trust (charity number 1129776) has been set up so that donations to the Assisted Places Fund can be held by a separate charitable body.  To find out more about the Fund, you can visit the Trust's new website at

All Old Edwardians have been contacted with information about the Fund and a team of current students and recent leavers will be getting in touch with a large number of former pupils in July and August to talk about the Fund, give them an update on school news and gain their feedback on recent events and publications.