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King Edward's raises £1m for Assisted Places

03 December 2010

King Edward's has raised over £1 million for Assisted Places this year.  Almost one third of the money - over £300,000 - was raised during the telephone campaign conducted over the summer, during which a team of pupils contacted over 1,000 former pupils to seek their support.

A large proportion of the money has also come from major donors, who are sponsoring boys through the school - a scheme which prompted a nomination for the Independent School Association Award for Outstanding Fundraising Initiative.  There are currently 17 boys being funded through the school by seven individual donors, including Ian Metcalfe (1976), Managing Partner of Wragge & Co, an international law firm based in Birmingham, and John Osborn (1962), former Chief Executive of Alexon, a clothing company.

The money raised will enable King Edward's to offer 30 Assisted Places to boys entering the school in September 2011, 50% more than last year. The Chief Master, John Claughton, says,

"This success will make an enormous difference to the school.  We want every bright boy to think that he can come to this school, one of the very best in the country, and now a third of our places will be funded not by parents but by the school.

"In the last four years the number of pupils applying for Assisted Places has grown by 300% and these funds will be of great significance to meet this growing demand."

The school's fundraising achievements were featured in an article in the Birmingham Post last month.  Click here to read the article on the King Edward's School Birmingham Trust website.