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Applications and Oxbridge offers up

01 February 2010

In January a record 600 boys sat the 11+ entrance exam at King Edward's.  This represented a 20% increase on the previous year and almost double the number that applied in 2000.  The increase in applications was mirrored by a similar increase in the number of boys requesting Assisted Places support.  Almost 250 parents requested financial support so that their son could attend the school this September, an increase of 25% on last year, and an increase from just 80  parents in 2005. Although this is partly due to the broadening of the scheme a few years ago, which increased the number of parents who were eligible, it also reflects a growing demand for financial assistance from families with boys who are bright enough to attend but who cannot afford the fees. 

Meanwhile, at the other end of the school, King Edward's achieved its highest number of Oxbridge offers in eight years with 26 boys receiving offers. John Claughton (1975), the Chief Master, said that everyone was delighted with this outcome. "This has always been an exceptional generation of boys in the school, and it is very exciting for the boys to receive offers. The list is particularly satisfying because of the breadth of success: there is barely a subject that has not had some success." You can see a list of the boys who gained the offers here.