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Request from The Edwardian Herald

04 April 2022

A message from Anish Lanka in Fourths, Editor of the student-run newspaper, The Edwardian Herald:

I would like to ask for a few minutes of your time to give us an insight into your school experience and how it shaped your professional life for our student-run newspaper, The Edwardian Herald.

For our upcoming publication, we would like your help in answering some existing student questions and dilemmas.

I'm in Fourths and I see the excitement of studying at KES in my friends and peers. We also look to the future, and are equally excited for our prospects in our potential working lives. As our alumni, your views and insights are invaluable in helping us understand and reassure us about the benefits and advantages that you experienced from a KES education.

We would be grateful for your feedback on the following:

  1. What are the positive attributes and advantages of a KES education and what would be your advice for us?
  2. What skills and characteristics are a mark of a successful person, and how can we start to hone those skills?
  3. Any other advice you may have for us.

I would be grateful for your invaluable feedback on our questions.

Responses can be emailed to: