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Oxford Lecture 2013

This annual lecture took place at Merton College, Oxford on Wednesday, 6 March 2013. The speaker was Dr Matthew Grimley (1989) who gave a talk titled: Kenneth Tynan v Enoch Powell: Two Old Edwardians and the late-1960s Culture War.

Matthew Grimley is Fellow and Tutor in History at Merton College. After leaving KES in 1989, he studied as an undergraduate and postgraduate at Oxford, and has since held posts at the universities of London and Oxford. He has published widely on twentieth-century British cultural, religious and intellectual history.

View photos from the lecture.

Attendance list

Title Year Group / Position
Sir Edward Parkes  1943
Sir Maurice Shock  1944
Mr John Booth  1946
Mr James Morgan  1947
Dr John Buckler  1953
Mr Alan Richards  1953
Professor Arthur Stockwin OBE 1954
Dr N Barnes CBE 1956
Prof Richard Mayou  1958
Mr Peter Stanworth  1959
Dr Roger Pritchett  1961
Mr Richard Batchelor  1964
Mr David Jeffcoat  1968
Mr Stephen Rand  1969
Dr Malcolm Spencer  1971
Dr Matthew Grimley  1989
Mr Nick Phipps  1990
Mr Grant McWalter  2010
Mr Henry Tonks  2011
Mr Ravin Jain  2012
Mr Frank Lawton  2012
Mr John Claughton  Chief Master and OE 1975
Mr Martin Rogers OBE Former Chief Master 
Mr Paul Golightly  Head of History
Mr Simon Stacey  Head of Oxford and Cambridge Admissions
Mr Simon Lerwill  Development Director