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Senior Production Drinks Reception

This year's Senior Production was Arthur Miller's masterpiece, The Crucible.

Salem, Massachusetts, 1692: A Puritan Society on the edge of the world, riven with petty jealousies. When young girls are accused of witchcraft their spiral of counter accusations threatens to destroy the entire community. Twenty people are hanged.

This breath-taking play explores the nature of goodness; of right and wrong in a world where the conventional meanings of those words have become twisted, unbalanced and loaded with terrifying power. 

Join us as our finest actors get the chance to flex their dramatic muscles, and see the Ruddock Hall as you've never seen it before...

Once again we offered all Old Edwardians who attend the production on the 31 January 2019, the opportunity to join us for a drinks reception in the Chief Master's study prior to the performance.


Date: Thursday, 31 January 2019

Time: 6.15pm drinks reception; 7pm performance

Location: Chief Master's study and Ruddock Performing Arts Centre

Cost: £14 (£10 concessions)

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