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Former Staff Lunch 2011

The 2011 Former Staff Lunch was held in the dining hall at King Edward's High School on Thursday 30 June.

You can view photos of the day here.


Over 70 former staff members attended the lunch on 30 June.  Drinks were held in the common room at 12.30pm and then the group wandered over to KEHS for lunch at 1.30pm.


The following former members of staff and their partners attended:

Title Name Surname
Mr George Andronov
Mrs Maeve Andronov
Ms Pauline Asher
Mr Roy Atkinson
Mr Derek Benson
Mrs Elaine Benson
Mr Stuart Birch
Mrs Charmian Birch
Mrs Sheila Buttle
Mr David Buttress
Mrs Ginny Buttress
Mr Trevor Collins
Mrs Julie Collins
Mr John Emery
Mrs Sylvia Emery
Dr John Evans
Mrs Hazel Evans
Mr Derek Everest
Mrs Pat Everest
Mrs Joan Grimley
Very Reverend Robert Grimley
Mr Stephen Grounds
Mrs Pauline Grounds
Mr John Hatton
Mr David Hill
Mrs   Hill
Mr Timothy Jayne
Mr Laurence Kimpton
Mr Phil Lambie
Mrs   Lambie
Mrs Diane Marklew
Mr Ian Matthews
Mrs Jennifer Matthews
Mr Karl McIlwaine
Mrs   McIlwaine
Mr Brian Nightingale
Mr Mike Parslew
Mrs Pat Parslew
Mr David Rigby
Mrs   Rigby
Mr Alexander Robinson
Mr Michael Ruddock
Mrs   Ruddock
Mr Gordon Sill
Mr Richard Simpson
Mrs Claire Simpson
Mr Roger Skinner
Mrs   Skinner
Mrs Carol Southworth
Mr Martin Stead
Mrs   Stead
Mr Keith Symes
Mrs Brenda Symes
Mr Brian Tomlinson
Mr Bill Traynor
Mr Graham Underhill
Mr Roger Wilson
Mr Maurice Workman
Mrs   Workman
Mr George Worthington

John Claughton, Simon Lerwill, Sue Dickens and Lucy Parrott also attended.