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Business start up advice

What are business start up advisors?

Business start up advisors are Old Edwardians who have normally set up their own business and who have offered to give advice to others who are thinking of doing the same. 

Who is it useful for?

Business start up advice will be useful for current or former pupils who are are thinking of starting up their own business and who have questions about how best to go about it.  It will also be useful to those who have already started up their own business and who need advice on how to progress their business.

How does it work?

Once you have been sent the contact details of an OE who is offering business start up advice it is up to you to contact them.  The actual advising may take place virtually (ie by email and phone) or you may meet the advisor face-to-face.  How this works in practice is up to you and the business start up advisor.  However please make sure you have read our terms and conditions before contacting the Old Edwardian.

How do I find an OE offering business start up advice?

Simply search for a business start up advisor by logging into My KES, the online Old Edwardian community,and, once you have found someone you want to contact, fill in the careers advice request form.   We will then send you the contact details of the Old Edwardian.  Please be aware that, if an OE is already advising many others, we may not be able to put you in touch with them.