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Year Group Reunion 1979,1989,1999,2009


Our annual Year Group Reunion provided an opportunity for former classmates to catch up over drinks and dinner at the school.

This year's reunion was for Old Edwardians who left King Edward's in 1979, 1989, 1999 and 2009, and was a great opportunity to meet up with old friends and former teachers.

The evening commenced with a drinks reception in the Ruddock Performing Arts Centre, followed by dinner in the Dining Hall.


Date: Saturday 8 June 2019

Time: 6.30pm drinks reception, 7.30pm dinner

Location: Ruddock Performing Arts Centre and Dining Hall, King Edward's School

Cost: £37.00


Booking for this event has now closed. If you are interested in attending please contact Sue Dickens on

Attendance List as at 23rd May 2019

Mark Arends 1979
Jez Ball 1979
Steve Bradley 1979
Phil Champ 1979
Andrew Downing 1979
Graham Fisher 1979
Neville Kite 1979
James Martin 1979
Neale Perrins 1979
Jim Donovan 1989
Prapa Kanagaratnam 1989
Sid Lucas 1989
Devesh Mewar 1989
Rod Tait 1989
Andy Thomson 1989
Karim Adab 1999
David Eckley 1999
Pete Eckley 1999
Ben Fisher 1999
Christopher Flemons 1999
Mohamed Hassam 1999
Alex Howell 1999
Kamran Imam 1999
Ed Johnson 1999
Andrew Khodabukus 1999
Raj Logan 1999
Amit Majevadia 1999
Chetan Patel 1999
Prash Pattni 1999
Jonathan Pollock 1999
Idnan Yunas 1999
Shivam Bajaj 2009
Edmund Bentsi-Enchill 2009
Kyle Berman 2009
Edward Botha 2009
Tom Elliott 2009
Ben Freer 2009
Hardeep Galsinh 2009
Roly Grant 2009
Andrew Halton 2009
Mark Heath 2009
Matt Howes 2009
Joe Hughes 2009
Nathan Kerr 2009
Rowan Khanna 2009
Rory Leadbetter 2009
Gaurav Mehta 2009
Adam Mian 2009
Olly Mitchell 2009
Ronan Murray 2009
Bharath Ramaiah 2009
Sunny Sangha 2009
Harry Scholes 2009
Samuel Scott 2009
Vivek Shah 2009
Amar Shanghavi 2009
Hari Sharma 2009
Alexander Sharp 2009
Darra Sira 2009
Anand Sodha 2009
Govinder Suthi 2009
Nomaan Tahir 2009
Simon Worthington 2009
George Andronov Former Member of Staff
Stuart Birch Former Member of Staff
Richard Bridges Former Member of Staff
Derek Everest Former Member of Staff
Jill Galloway Former Member of Staff
Colin Howard Former Member of Staff
Phil Lambie Former Member of Staff
Tim Mason Former Member of Staff
George Worthington Former Member of Staff
Rick Lye Former Member of Staff
Sue Dickens OEA Events Manager
Adelaide Bailey Development Director
Keith Phillips Acting Chief Master
Nicole Phillips Director of Admissions
Katy Ricks Future Chief Master
David Ricks